Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Words of Graham Douglass

Mark Williams
16 Sep 10

"Last Friday my wife and I parked at the top car park at Brunswick Central and walked done the footpath to the Bravo Bar. We went into the Bravo Bar for about 1 hour having a couple of drinks and food. We returned to where our car was and found it gone. Long story short we went to Acacia Ridge The thug’s said they had photos of us leaving the site (although they refused to show us). I explained that my wife had never left the site and was forced to pay $400 punitive fees to release the vehicle. I rang on Monday and spoke to Graham Douglass who promised to send the photos. 4 calls later no photos and now he refuses to take my calls. Last time I called him I gave a false name and got to speak to him, when I explained who I was he said,
"Sue Me". Still no photos and now have an appointment with my solicitor this Friday."


Dylan Johnston
18 Jun 10

"I too was a victim of this scheme and I'm amazed that they are still continuing with this practice as there is a lot of negative press going around. I can assure everyone that they do have "spotters" and it is a very organised program. There's an old fat guy who works for one of the groups involved who even tried to punch me when I got into an argument with them. I had to get the police involved (who were very helpful and professional) to release my car. The people to look out for hang out in the top carpark outside the medical center, just look for a blue ute. There is also a unformed "security guard" who stands down near the bakery."

Andrew's words.

I suggest people use QCAT and use form 3 to file a minor civil debt dispute. To file the Dispute and claim it costs $20 and 'We Tow You' have to respond by law in 28 days.

A solicitor's insight

As a solicitor let me tell the readers that there is nothing legal about towing from private or commercial property. It doesn't matter how long you have parked there. If a tow truck company tows your car without your permission it is committing the tort of conversion. A solicitor friend of mine had his car towed from a visitors car park in the CBD. Rather than pay the exorbitant fee ($350) he threatened to sue the company in the magistrates court for conversion and got his car back in 4 days, free of charge. Readers, you do have rights at law. Towing a car and charging a high fee for its release is the legal equivalent of picking up a wallet on the street, contacting the owner and saying "I've got your wallet and I'm not going to give it back unless you pay me a lot of money". It's just not legal. In addition to the outrageous fees, all tow truck companies make you sign a disclaimer form waiving your rights to sue before they hand your car back.

4 Jun 10

Split it

3 Jun 10
I had my car towed one Friday night after dropping my housemate to work at Grill'd and sitting in for a burger for half an hour - there is SIGNAGE at Grill'd that clearly states, 'if you leave this premise, you risk your car being towed'. I didn't leave - half an hour later my car is disappeared. Luckily the manager of Grill'd talked to the towing mob who admitted fault, but would only return my car IF i paid $400 cash straight up.

I get my $400 out, hand them the stone hard cash - (and an employee) of the towing company joked, "come on boys, lets go to the pub!" after me and a friend protested, he says, "oh.. you can come to girls, we'll split it, huh?".

I luckily had a friend who knew the management of Central Brunswick and they reviewed CCTV footage and spoke to Mr Graham Douglass of WeTowU who were meant to call me to organise refunding me. I had to call them after waiting two days, the first three times I called I was put on hold or hung up on. The last time, I was told to expect my CHEQUE - NOT CASH in the mail by the end of the week.

Birthday Celebrations

3 Jun 10

"We also got stung at Central Brunswick. Our car was towed while we were celebrating my mother's birthday and enjoying dinner. Apart from the $400 release fee and the $50 cab to the boon-docks the idiots at WeTowU damaged the axle of our 4WD with replacement fees in the $1000s. We have let our insurance deal with them as they were aggressive senseless to communicate with."

On Watch

3 Jun 10

"I recently had my car towed by WeTowU from Central Brunswick and we never even left the Centre!! My friends and I walked straight down the stairs to a restaurant in Central Brunswick to have an early dinner and walked straight back upstairs afterwards to find my car was missing. Apparently whoever was 'on watch' that night from WeTowU got us confused with another group of girls who left the centre but decided to tow both cars anyway. What made matters worse is that it then took them 1.5 hours to return my vehicle from Acacia Ridge!"


3 Jun 10

"When i arrived at acacia ridge the next morning absolutely fuming I was then required to wait 2 hours while they repaired my car tyre which they popped when towing the vehicle."


3 Jun 10
"I would like to express my disgust at how these operators work, preying on individuals for blatant profiteering. Having recently had a friends vehicle towed from my own car park, then being hit for $400 to release the vehicle, I'm surprised these businesses haven't had some retribution. WeTowU is the company in question, they failed to communicate (or give us a chance to express our concern) and held us ransom before even allowing to inspect the vehicle. WeTowU, UDisgustMe..."

Special Delivery! 22 Dulacca Street, Acacia Ridge

Posted by Monique
7 Jun 10  
"Our car got towed on Sat afternoon. The car park was not even busy at this stage. We were having a early inner at Thai on Brunswisk. As the restaurant kitchen does not open until 5pm (it was only 4.45pm at this stage) we decided to go to the Suncorp ATM to get some cash (as we didn't want to pay the $2 atm fee!!) and kill a few minutes. We were sitting down at Thai on Brusnwick 15mins later enjoying our meal. When we went back to our car an hour or so later and couldn't find it we actually thought it had been stolen! When we called We Tow U then had there speil down pat and just kept saying they have the proof we left the complex and have not broken laws. While we waited for my husband to pick us up to drive to Acacia Ridge we watched the 'spies' watching people park and leave. I have no idea how they could accurately keep an eye on who goes where. They are young and not in any sort of uniform. It's a wrought and pure money-making - definitely not in the interest of Central brunswick patrons! "

Information You Need To Know

Unethical and disgusting, if you have been stung by this 'business', please be sure to leave your story. The follow are a set of articles relating to the company of which the manager is Graham Douglas. Spotters or drivers, their policy, fees and attitude are a disgrace to our Brisbane community.

Story A, reported by the Daily Telegraph
A TOW company worker allegedly bashed a good Samaritan who came to the aid of two women who were wrongly towed from a Brisbane shopping center

Story B, reported by the Brisbane Times
Tow truck double (standard) parked

Story C, reported by the Brisbane Times
Tow trucks 'cross ethical line' 
Story D, comments by the affected
One foot out and the car's gone